Weird Worship

April 23, 2008 at 6:27 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Today I worshiped while eating a Hershey’s bar that was smothered in Jif peanut butter. That may sound weird, but that’s how I worship. Some people see God’s glory in a sunset, others find it on a mountaintop. Me, I find it in the amazing combination of chocolate and peanut butter. That is where I see God’s splendor.

Worship always gets confused with singing songs to God. As a worship leader, I have to constantly fight this misconception. Singing songs is just one of the infinite ways that we worship our God.

Worship comes from the heart. It’s longing after something bigger than you. It’s a feeling beyond love and adoration. It’s so simple, and yet still unexplainable.

God created us to worship in many different ways. But, my favorite way to worship him is with a little PB and Chocolate.



  1. Laura said,

    Well Baby,
    I know that you always sink into your own world when you eat massive amounts of penut putter and chocolate…now I know you are actually worshiping…so I will try to not be as harsh on you when I see you eating all of those calories :)Luv you!

  2. Jad said,

    Wow, Laura called you O U T. Sad thing is that I remember that commercial.

  3. Julie P said,

    Ooh, I remember that commercial too. I can’t say that I’ve ever pinpointed my fondness for chocolate and peanut butter as a worship experience but now that you mention it, I quite like the idea.

  4. ally said,

    That’s one of my favorite treats too. I like Hershey’s Kisses in a spoonful of peanut butter–and brownies with peanut butter smeared on top. Infinite possibilities with those ingredients, but I’ve never thought of it as worshipful….that could add another dimension of joy to the experience though.

  5. Brian Alexander said,

    LOVE it too, bro.

  6. Jessica said,

    Best combo they ever made for sure!!!

    And I love worship! Your the best leader by far, Now should we have a sunday we hand out some Reese’s out and try to worship?! That could be highly entertaining

  7. brandi said,

    I’m glad to have a good excuse to eat chocolate and peanut butter. I think ice cream would fall under worship for me too!

  8. onwins said,

    Love the thoughts on worship…

    If that is the case, I worship God when I drink a double-tall latte from Starbucks. The coffee bean is a great example of God’s creative genius! Look forward to reading more…

  9. Rich Kirkpatrick said,

    Good to see you blogging and like your thoughts here.

    If worship is everything, then is it nothing? Well, all I am saying is that those transcendent moments are transcendent…and not everything is transcendent, except things like peanut butter and chocolate or a fantastic glass of wine or a smile from your own child. Indeed we see God in them all.

  10. krista said,

    peanut butter + chocolate = YES
    i could eat peanut butter for every meal and not get sick of it.
    have you tried chocolate peanut butter? not chocolate AND peanut butter, but chocolate peanut butter? you should.

    i think that commercial just trumped the ramen noodles video.
    job well done, jrod

  11. Eve Annunziato said,

    One of my top choices, too, along with chocolate and caramel. You call it worship and I call it sinful!!

  12. Rachel said,

    Ha. That’s AWESOME.

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