Pull Up-

April 29, 2008 at 2:45 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I recently purchased a pull-up bar at Target. I thought it might be good if I started getting my beach body ready for show. After installing the pull-up bar, I attempted my first set of ten.

I got to one.

It was so freakin’ hard to pull up my body weight.

At this rate, the beach body will not be making its debut until next summer.



  1. Laura( the wife) said,

    What are you talking about?!?! You already have the perfect beach body!!! And you did 2 pull-ups yesterday!!!

  2. Pete Wilson said,

    I know you’re just trying to get into your swimsuit body shape for the Cross Point staff cruise coming up in a few weeks.

  3. krista said,

    i would say “better lay off that chocolate and peanut butter,” but i don’t recommend going to that extreme….

  4. Giant Idiot said,

    I hate pull-ups. Hated them in elementary school and hated them in the Army and am glad I do not have to do pull-ups on a regular basis anymore.

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