Who am I to complain?

May 8, 2008 at 3:01 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

It’s 9:45 on Wednesday night and I’m about to go home and sleep in my bed.

It’s 9:45 and Fay has just moved her make-shift bed from the bushes to under the breeze way between Park Ave. and Cross Point.

Fay is my homeless friend. She had to move because it started raining.

When it started raining, I was cursing because it was an inconvenience to me.

When It started raining, Fay was running so she didn’t get everything she own wet.

I sat with Fay for about thirty minutes. We discussed books, quartets, children and McDonalds.

I sat about five feet away because Fay removed her shoes and her feet smelled. She removed her shoes because they were wet and she didn’t want to get sick.

If my shoes get wet, I just put on another pair.

Fay is missing an eye. She sometimes makes Cyclops jokes.

Fay is a very nice person. I gave her some granola bars and some change.


It’s 9:45 on Wednesday night and I’m about to go home and sleep in my bed.



  1. georgestull said,

    Jarrod, you nailed it! Thanks for helping us see that we take soooo much for granted everyday. It always amazes me, through encounters with brothers and sisters like Fay, we actually experience the presence of Jesus in such a powerful way that it re-tunes our hearts.

  2. Laura (wife) said,

    I love you for your kind heart and compassionate spirit. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson today.

  3. This is why I love our staff… « Jenni Catron said,

    […] Posted in learning, scripture/devotions tagged church staff, great staff, homeless, Jarrod Morris, least of these, love of Christ at 5:14 pm by Jenni Catron Just read THIS! […]

  4. brandiandboys said,

    love this post…look forward to more of your sit downs with fay! great reminder.

  5. DEb said,

    This made me cry…… you are such a good man, Jarrod. Maybe we’ll see Fay in Heaven- NO smelly feet, NO problem sleeping and NO worries!

  6. emily said,

    so beautiful…. you have such a great heart.

  7. Brian Alexander said,

    1st that was extremely well written. I’m very impressed
    2nd I’m glad to see you living your faith out and spending time with a lady that most of us would pass by
    3rd the fact that she makes Cyclops jokes about herself makes me giggle a little

    Thanks for being Jesus’ hands and heart for Fay

  8. ally said,

    Reading this certainly helps me keep things in perspective. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Pete Wilson said,

    Great stuff Jarrod. That kind of ministry is more important than any song you will sing and any message i will ever preach!

  10. patrowland said,

    Jarrod you challenge me in more ways then you realize even though you are the annoying office neighbor. When we both jumped in our cars to leave Wednesday I saw Fay moving as well, and I acted like the priest while you were the samaritian. I know your heart was pure and true and I’m glad to be your friend. Thanks bro!

  11. patrowland said,

    by the way it’s official your in my blog roll now!

  12. krista said,

    YOU ROCK, JROD. i say it all the time, but this post is exactly why it’s true!!

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