Church worker’s sin

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I used to think that people who worked in church were extra spiritual. I thought that God must bless them with the ability to avoid sin.

Two years ago, I got a job at a church. I was hoping that this job would extinguish the sin in my life.

Unfortunately, the sin is still here.

My struggle, as of late, has been my inability to control my tongue. I have the unique talent of stringing together sentences filled with four letter words that could make a sailor blush.

Call it a potty mouth disease.

Anytime I’m angry, I cuss.

Anytime I’m frustrated, I cuss.

Anytime there’s a lull in the conversations in my head, I cuss.

I don’t know why I struggle with this. I shouldn’t have to worry about an F-bomb falling out of my mouth any time I stump my toe.

Is this a problem for anyone else?



  1. anne jackson said,

    *#^$ yes

  2. juliepersinger said,

    I may be known to let some things slip now and again. I’m much more aware of it now that my kids are a little older and prone to ask questions.

  3. brandiandboys said,

    well, your wife was raised in Germany, so you’re not getting any accountability there! you’ll get better the first time you hear sweet Micah drop the f-bomb! that’s the quickest cure ever! 🙂

  4. krista said,

    “I shouldn’t have to worry about an F-bomb falling out of my mouth any time I stump my toe.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. im suprised i still have toes i stub them so much! honestly, i’m right there with ya, friend, only it’s the s-bomb for me

    i’m the worst when it’s just not my day and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. every sentence gets an extra little colorful expletive punch to it. and here lately, those days have been happening a lot. so heck yes, it’s a problem!

    i don’t know if this would work for you, but i try replacing those words with other phrases to avoid the expletive. it’s a baby-sitting trick, actually. for example, i say “shoot a monkey” instead of expletive-of-choice 🙂

  5. Jessica said,

    Im 100% with you on this… I think all the time I need to do something about this and I just dont know how to change, I even have tried stupid things like shibby, fudge, funk, dang-nabit,( is that even anything) Gah,( thanks to jessica Simpson) nothing replaces those words… Plus one time someone told me it was just as bad to replace them because you are meaning the same thing….. Guess Im going to go have a kid Since Bandi’s words of wisdom are that 🙂

    Let me know if you come up with something that will happen a little faster!!

  6. Laura Morris said,

    Yes…I do not keep you as accountable as I should( although I hate the f-word). In Germany there are no cuss words, so when I moved back to the States to a small Baptist College I got some strange looks when I tripped into Chapel one morning and said sh…..very loudly! Since that word is not exceptable in this country I just say SCHEISSE. So…all of you who have a problem with saying sh…., just say SCHEISSE 🙂
    But honey, if our sweet little Micah ever drops the f-bomb you are sleeping on the couch!!!!

  7. Dave Carrol said,

    of course… especially if I’m assembling a BBQ or hanging blinds on windows.

  8. Jad said,

    In the lawyer world, cursing is rampant so I REALLY have to try and watch my language.

    I think I could be guilty of enabling you with this language. Sorry.

    My replacement word is “horse-puckey.” Try it…you’ll like it.

  9. patrowland said,

    One cure maybe to just get rid of your toes? Not a easy solution either. My biggest struggle with this comes in the area of when things don’t go the way I want them to. The issue for me isn’t something not going my way as much as my inability to control my feelings and emotions. It is just easier to cuss then it is to keep control

  10. Giant Idiot said,

    Jarrod I feel your pain. Problem is I am so good at cussing that I have a hard time stopping.

  11. Phil Chalos said,

    I’m with you….When you hear your kids say something like “Hey daddy did you see that f—–n clown juggle those swords on the elephants back ” while he’s eating a snow cone and cotton candy smiling the entire time….You’ll change your tune, perspective, attitude ,and motivation.

    Theres an old saying about cussing but, for the life of me I can’t remember the %#@$ thing to save my life…lol

  12. Miranda said,

    Well your dear ol’ co-worker here is the Queen of the word, “sh..!”

    It is always a struggle for me to block out those expectations I had set on those who worked in the church as a child. I had a devestatin experience at age 13 when our pastor who was close with our family, had an affair with a college girl in the church and was addicted to percription drugs. My perception of what I thought a “leader” in the church should be was shaken. I realized at that point that we are all human.

    He left our church, married his mistress and to this day is still preaching at churches around Texas. My question is, can God use him, EVEN if he has not turned away from his sin. . .?

    I will try not to say any cuss words today in the office, but more importantly I will strive to be myself and allow God to work through the quirks He has given me and serve our church with a servant’s heart.

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