Auditions for church music

May 14, 2008 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

This is the worst part of my awesome job

I hate that church music has become second best to other music. Aside from a karaoke bar, you wouldn’t just let someone up on a stage and to sing or play an instrument without auditioning that person first. Church music should be excellent.

People get mad at me all the time. “Anybody should be able to sing in church,” is what they tell me. I completely agree, but not everybody needs a mic.

Church is not supposed to be a place where someone can make an American Idol debut. It’s a place where sinners can come to find a relationship with Christ. It should be a place that they feel comfortable. No one feels comfortable with a bad singer on stage.

The church band should help the flow of worship. They should not be a distraction.

Here are two examples of people who should have auditioned.

Here’s a tape of us from January.

I’m not saying that our band is perfect, but we do use our talents to further the worship experience of our church.



  1. emily said,

    ok, i admit, i was once one of those people who thought that “anyone should be able to sing in church” but i totally agree with you on the fact that “not everyone needs a mic” it is SO refreshing to be able to come to church and not experience one of those awkward moments (like video 1) because, let me tell you, (for those who didn’t grow up in “traditional” church settings) there are LOTS of awkward moments when it comes to people singing in church… example? well, we had this one girl who sang on two different occasions…. 1st…. Achey, Breakey Heart (christian version HA) and …
    2nd…. Devil’s in the phone booth dialin’ 911. why oh why was she allowed to sing? i have no idea.

  2. patrowland said,

    I agree 100%, but that little man won himself 10K which is almost as much as you get paid!

  3. Mike said,

    I agree to a certain extent.

    But I also think that there is a huge role for the church in *developing* mic’able singers. Just like we need to be developing teachers, leaders, etc…we need to be developing people who can sing.

    If we assume that there are still many, many unchurched people out there, and if we assume that it will take new churches and ministries to reach them, and if we assume that these churches and ministries will need music and singers….well we need to be developing people that can be on a microphone.

    Otherwise, guess who’ll be singing?

  4. Not so good church music said,

    More fun church music

  5. a reply said,

    That is a nice song, nice rendition…of the ‘this is the air’ song

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