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It seems like a lot of older bands are getting back together lately. I watched the B52’s perform on The Today Show yesterday. Chicago, The Police, and Journey all had summer tours last year. Even the New Kids On The Block are having a reunion.

This got me thinking about what older bands I want to see live.

Genesis would be at the top of my list. I would love to see these guys rock it one more time. Tears for Fears would be a close second. Last, but not least, would be Def Leppard (they will be here in August).

What are some of the bands that you want to see rockin’ it in their wheelchairs?



  1. Jessica said,

    Aw man, I have got to see Def Leppard! Cant miss out on “Pour some sugar on me”

  2. Brian Alexander said,

    Great song “land of confusion” SOLID

  3. Matthew Singleton said,

    You know my thoughts on this, no so much a reunion but rather a concert tour with Billy Ocean, Huey Lewis and Lionel Ritchie all on one ticket. In a sense reuniting all the 80’s kings of lite rock.

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