Talent Less

May 28, 2008 at 9:40 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

What do you do if your talent is your job?
What I mean is, how do you continue to have passion for a hobby that turns into your livelihood?

I love singing and playing guitar. But, now that I’m getting paid to do it, my practice time is more work than play. I can know longer go a few days without playing or it shows up in my performance. I have to continue to learn more and push my self further or there’s a chance I could loose my job.

The perk to this, is that I love my job. I put a lot more into it than I would some other 9 to 5er.

Does anyone else out there have a similar situation?



  1. brandiandboys said,

    that is why you start a cool 90’s cover band and play/sing on the side!

  2. Laura( the wife) said,

    I think you are very lucky. Most people have talents that cannot be used in a normal every day job. I don’t really have a great talent to use in a job so it makes me feel really blessed to know that you can work/hobby all day long!!!

  3. krista said,

    you’re wifey said it, dude. be happy you know what your talent is and that you get to use it everyday. im not sure what talent i get to use in retail other than being nice…so stop reminding the rest of us that we’re talentless 😉

  4. Jessica said,

    I really understand this because this is what I faced when I worked in the Salon! I love making people feel Beautiful and make them feel better even if it mean just A great Hair cut… I have to say that I really miss it some times, However, now that I dont have to do it to make a living I love doing it even more…

    But, I would have to say if I had a job that was so giving to the Lord at the same time, I would have to say WOW what more could I ask for!

    You Rock at your job, Its a clear Gift From God! 🙂

  5. Pete Wilson said,

    I’m with you bro. Like you, I’m blessed and get to use my gifts in my job. However, it’s important for me to find other things to do, outside of work, that don’t drain my giftedness. For me just getting out in nature to hike, fish, camp or just sit refuels me and allows me to use my giftedness in a more effective way.

  6. Matthew Singleton said,

    I have this problem as well. I love light bulbs.

  7. Jasen said,

    I do know this feeling… There is a certain jadedness that comes with the territory of doing what you love for a living, I think especially in the music realm. For me it’s tough to be objective with how I play and what I write when I can never really get back that initial fire that propelled me to do what I do. You just can’t. I’ve talked with tons of guys that are in a lot bigger shoes than mine and they all say that it comes down to doing taking time to soak in “what got you started.” It could be listening to old records you loved growing up, playing songs that you learned when you are first learning how to play. I totally know where you are coming from, in fact, it’s refreshing to hear someone else say it!!!

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