Sex Nights!

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WARNING: This post is mainly for the married folks. But this could help you single kids out later in life.

I went to a conference earlier this year (recreate) where we talked a lot about how we get so into our jobs that we don’t make enough time for our families. One of the conference goers suggested something that was working for he and his wife. SEX NIGHTS!

What a simple, yet wonderful idea. Think about it. You make time for every other important thing in your life. Why not prioritize sex? After all, God created it for us (I’m guessing as a stress relief tool).

The point of sex nights is not to take away from spontaneity, but to increase communication and help funnel “expectation”. The “expectations” I’m talking about are men wanting sex every 5 minutes and women wanting to be pursued.

The ground rules are simple.

First, you decide how many sex nights you are going to have in a week. I wanted 14 times and my wife wanted 3. So, our compromise was 3 times a week.

Second, you decide what nights are your “special” nights. (I’m choosing not to share our nights because there are some things that should remain sacred in this life. But don’t expect us to answer the phone on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday nights!)

Third, make those days extra special by bringing home some wine, light some candles, and give your wife a massage (at least 10 minutes worth).

You can bend the rules if you want. For instance, if the mood hits earlier in the week, feel free to move your night forward. Also ladies, you should give your husbands bonus nights every once in a while.

It’s that simple. So go get’cha some!



  1. bradruggles said,

    Ha ha…love this post!

    When you have kids you have to be a little more subtle about “getting some”. We call it “Mommy-Daddy time” although I just know my girls are going to flip when they finally put the pieces together and realize what that meant all along. 🙂

    Boom chicka wah wah…

  2. juliepersinger said,

    Feeling glad my husband doesn’t really read blogs right about now, but our challenge is that he often goes to bed way later than I do (and I don’t go til midnight).

  3. Jared Woodard said,

    Wow,bold move there Morris. I take it Laura doesnt “Filter” your blog post’s?

    It makes alot of sense,now just to instill this in my house :I

  4. brandiandboys said,

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    You made me laugh out loud!

  5. Jad said,

    As Woodard mentioned, this was a bold move my friend.

    We instilled this until we found out Melissa was preggers.

    Darned kids….already.

  6. Miranda said,

    Well Dr. Morris, philosopher of sex . . .

    Or should I call you, Tom Tyndall??

  7. cortni said,

    Wow, Jarrod I cannot wait to show this post to Micah when he is about 16! haha. @ Woodard thanks honey for telling the world you think we need to instill this in our house. We’ll talk about this later! haha

  8. Laura Morris said,

    Ok baby…you got to put up the post, but I told you not to mention the exact sex days, so for that, I get an extra 1 HOUR massage! And by the way…what candles are you talking about?

  9. jarrodmorris said,

    The candles are for tonight, baby!

  10. Nathan Gaddis said,

    Dude! I am so glad you are taking my advice! And, moreover, I am glad it is working for you! I debated saying that in front of the conference goers, but to see, now, how it is working for people makes me feel better!

    Long live the Sex Nights!!!
    Great Post!

    Sleep deprived and hormone driven,

  11. Chris Elrod said,

    Ha, Ha, you guys just wait. We have no small children anymore. So it’s free love and free sex around here just about anytime. Life is great in your 40’s just as Randy:)

  12. Audra Krell said,

    We had some friends that have been doing a sex calendar for years. It was very legalistic however, if for some reason the guy didn’t feel like it, there were no make-ups, he just missed that day. I see what they were doing now though, they were making time for it and they both knew what to expect. There was no spontaneity allowed however, it could never happen on off days.
    DIfferent bed times can be worked around, no one has to go to sleep afterwards (besides the guy), you just get up and resume what you were doing until it’s your bedtime! : )

  13. Kari said,

    Great post Jarrod! We implemented this concept a couple of years ago after kid 2. Works like a charm!

  14. marina said,

    Um, wow, fascinating and surprisingly relevant topic…I’ve got to say, the older our kids get, the more spontaneous we can be…I’m thinking that the specific nights deal wouldn’t work out so well for us – neither one of us owns a watch or a calendar, so we just go with the flow, the mood, the opportunity. Believe me, it’s a lot closer to 14 than 0 with this method.

  15. Eve Annunziato said,

    Oh my gosh, Jarrod, I just love you guys – this is too funny! This is the best post ever! Thanks for making me smile…

  16. Brian Alexander said,

    I think I am changing the name of my blog to SEX NIGHTS!!

  17. Phil Chalos said,

    You are the best….lol

  18. Jared Woodard said,

    @ Miranda,Wouldnt that be Dr.Betty Tindle?

    @Cortni.You called me out on it there. I was just trying to fit the”Married men have no sex” mold.And I failed…..miserably……thankfully

  19. Camel Crossing said,

    First time at your blog….the title of the post drew me in. Great idea….now if I could just my wife on board. I would schedule this in outlook but I don’t think I can schedule things in 5 minute intervals 🙂

  20. Dave Carrol said,

    With 3 kids… you have no choice but to do this.

    It’s also cool because you can flirt with each other throughout the day.

    Good times

  21. krista said,

    “I wanted 14 times and my wife wanted 3. So, our compromise was 3 times a week.”


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