Christian Rock Bands Who Are Rocking My Face Off!

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I don’t normally listen to a lot of “Christian” music, but there are a few guys in the industry that are doing an awesome job with the talents that God has given them. These guys have songs that are good enough for secular radio.

Starfield– These guys have consistently gotten better from album to album. There production is just as good as any All-American Rejects record.

Mute Math– This is one of the best live shows you will ever see. Period.

Superchick– There new record comes out in 2 weeks, but you can get 3 of the songs now on iTunes. These guys are getting heavier and heavier. I can’t wait to see if AC radio will play the new stuff.

Future of Forestry– If you like ambient rock, then you will love this group.

Sanctus Real– These guys are the perfect arena rock band.

Tenth Avenue North– This group is more like Lifehouse. They have great lyrics and catchy melodies.

Mikeschair– These guys do dance rock better than any band out there. There record should be out this fall, so check them out.

Hillsong United– These guys raised the bar for corporate worship. They are amazing live and are one of the few bands that are able to be completely transparent on stage. They rock!



  1. Matthew Singleton said,

    What can I say. I love all these groups. Future of Forestry…. thanks you Chris Nichols, have been listening to it non stop. So can’t wait fo the Mikeschair album to hit… and Mute Math… if you still don’t know then you should just go ahead and hang it up.

  2. juliepersinger said,

    Hey, have you heard the new Delirious album (Kingdom of Comfort)? I’m digging it.

  3. anne jackson said,

    Agreed! I need to check some of the ones I haven’t heard of out. Thanks for the links!

  4. Jad said,

    Dude…Future of Forestry sounds great!! Dig it alot.

    FYI- Sanctus Real is playing a Monday gig at People’s Church in July.

  5. Pete Wilson said,

    Great list Jarrod. Thanks bro. You keep me young and on the cutting edge…well sort of.

  6. krista said,

    there’s only one band i haven’t heard (future of forestry)
    sanctus real is definitely in my top 10. christian music used to be so boring and lacked personality, but sanctus makes it something i want to listen to.
    mikeschair = heck yes
    hillsong…totally agree with you, jrod. totally agree.
    everyone else is great, too.

  7. abimael said,


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    […] 18, 2008 It may seem like I’m ripping these guys off with this post…BUT, honestly, I’ve been meaning to do these reviews for quite some […]

  9. Erin said,

    Great list. I’m stoked about MIKESCHAIR – Jon, the bassist, is my cousin.

  10. chris said,

    Mike’s Chair used to rock it over at Belmont all the time before they graduated. My roommate is the sound guy for Sancut Real now. I’m hoping to check out Cross Point for the first time tomorrow night!

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