Pack-Rat Soul

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Do you have clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, but you keep them “just in case?” As if one day you will need to wear that 3-piece corduroy suit or maybe Hawaiian shirts will be coming back in style soon.

Not likely!

But we hang onto them anyway.

I’m finding that I keep sin in my life the same way I keep those old clothes. Or, at least I keep the vises that lead to sin.

My close friends know that I have a little bit of an eating problem. I just love food. If it’s in the house, I’m going to eat it all. So I’m going to try and stop having sweets in my home. I don’t want my son to be a glutton like me.

Do any of you have vises that are tempting you?



  1. juliepersinger said,

    Oh Coca-Cola, how I love thee…….er, yeah. Can’t keep Coke in the house or I’ll drink it all. I’ve switched to Diet, which I don’t love nearly as much but will drink just for the sake of having a carbonated beverage. Actually, I haven’t had a regular Coke or Pepsi since I started the Ragamuffintop Challenge!

  2. emily said,

    food network… it’s my vise. and tv in general… plus it leads to mindless eating out of boredom!

  3. waswrittenin said,

    I would say either Starbucks or Smoothie King. It’s sad. I know.

  4. Jared Woodard said,

    Mcdonalds.Oh yeah,im that healthy.Im constantly on the the go,and its the easiest,most reliable thing for me.Definetly somthing i need to cut back on

  5. pollyh said,

    Starbucks. Addictive and you know its bad when you pick a hotel based on the fact that it is near a Starbucks.

    Maybe that’s why I have so much energy!

  6. Jud said,

    Man, I’m just like you in this case. I completely stopped eating sweets and chips three weeks ago and have lost 12 pounds. I haven’t ramped up exercise at all… yet. Almost everything i have eaten has been green. Salad greens and Celery. Thats it. I have lots more energy and don’t “drag” anymore. It’s totally worth it.

    Another thing is to just stop eating out. You save a ton of money and they usually give you 3 or 4 portions on one plate.

  7. cortni said,

    Shopping…I cannot have credit cards to stores. It just doesn’t work for me. In fact I really shouldn’t carry cash either. I especially love to buy sunglasses.

  8. Laura said,

    I love Milk Duds…I an eat a jumbo pack in one sitting. Maybe I should do what Jud is doing…salad greens and celery just doesn’t sound as good as chocolate and caramel though 😦

  9. Jud said,

    hmmm, I should have added that I still eat meat and lots of it. I grill 4-6 chicken breasts a week to slice up and put on top of those salad greens. I also have two 12 ounce USDA “Prime” filet mignon cuts (hey now, one is for the wife and soon to be born son) dry aging on the top shelf of the fridge.

    I may be cutting back but I remain a carnivore fundamentalist.

  10. ally said,

    Sweets, for sure. I can’t keep chocolate, cookies, etc. in the house b/c I can’t eat just one or two or three…..

    I guess the upside is that I can just keep wide margins and not keep those things in my house; it’s the vices/sins of the mind–my internal thoughts–that seem much more difficult to overcome.

  11. David said,

    busy-ness…as Pete talked about Sunday. I jam pack my days with noise. he hit my nail right on the head with that one….wow…that sounds painful…oh and sweets.

  12. Eve Annunziato said,

    Ah, yes, yes and yes!! I love your analogy of hanging onto “old clothes” in my closet to hanging onto sin in my closet. A visual I can relate to very much. I mean really, sometimes we just need to let go already – especially to “old” sin. Great post, Jarrod.

    Oh, and as I’m typing this comment, Charlie just called to see if I wanted a chocolate shake from Sonic. I said “NO” – you should be proud!! Chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses – but your words have inspired me to refrain!

  13. krista said,

    ahhh great post, JRod!! i am a hardcore pack rat. you have no idea the kinds of stuff i keep, “just in case.” the worst by far is clothes. i still have things in my closet from high school that i did not [correction: could not] wear for four years, but i kept them anyway. however, the “just in case” is paying off cuz i can finally wear them again. so who knows about those hawaiian shirts and 3 piece cord suits… 😉

    i don’t think it’s a bad thing to be enthusiastic about food. it keeps us alive. but overly enthusiastic can become a problem [whole pizzas, for example]. for me, it’s caramel [or peanut butter] and chocolate. milky ways…yum!

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