Jesus and blogging

July 2, 2008 at 9:51 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Do you think that Jesus would have a blog? Why or Why not?



  1. Bernard Shuford said,

    Would he even have a computer? Seriously.

  2. Jud said,


    He said all that He wants to say to us in His Word.

    #1) It’s getting very popular to “listen” to God in silence. That’s what Buddhists and Hindu’s think they are doing. Now it’s getting introduced into Christianity. Jesus taught us how to pray, it’s in Matthew 6.

    #2) I have a dear charismatic friend (who has tremendous zeal, more than I) who believes Jesus is still revealing new “revelations” to certain “prophets”. That’s what the Mormon’s say too.


  3. cortni said,

    Well my first thought was “No, Jesus was way too busy healing people, teaching, ect.” But my second thought was, “Well the Bible pretty much is like Jesus’s blog.” Think of how many hits it gets a day! Not enough, but definately the most important one to read! I geuss prayer is kind of our way to comment. I know cheesy analogy.

  4. jarrodmorris said,

    I like that Cortni.

  5. juliepersinger said,

    Do you mean hypothetically, if Jesus was alive in human form on Earth today? I figure that He used the methods of His day to reach people when He was here 2000+ years ago – why wouldn’t He use the methods of the day if He was hypothetically living at any particular time?

    Yes, He said what He wants to say to us in His Word, but we didn’t get that til much, much later – and even so, the message still hasn’t changed. Even in this “I wonder if…” situation, I think Jesus’ message (in blog form) would still remain unchanged today.

  6. Pete Wilson said,

    Good question Jarrod. I really have no idea but I would have to guess yes. Jesus utilized the communication style of his culture.He lived in a culture that had a strong oral tradition so he told stories. And I might add that he was a master story teller.

    Jesus seemed to put himself in a position to meet people where they were. I think if he lived in our culture today he would look at the methods for communication we use and utilize them.

    @Jud, Christians withdrawing from the noise of the world to read scriptures, pray, and enjoy fellowship with God is nothing new. Jesus himself, gave us a wonderful example of the importance of withdrawing from the busyness and noise of life.

  7. Laura said,

    I think, in any way, shape, or form God wants to communicate with us…Cortni, I love the analogy of the Bible being like Jesus’ blog…I should spend as much time reading my Bible as I do reading blogs…

  8. Jud said,

    As far as the discussion goes, after thinking about it a bit more, I still think “no” is the answer. One thing I think about when I read the Gospels especially the passages after the Resurrection/ before the Ascension is that the Disciples could see Jesus’ face, and look into HIS EYES!!! WOW! I hear so much about how Jesus used “the methods of the day” but , if you think about it, Jesus used in the flesh person to person contact. Please correct me if I’m wrong but other than doodling in the sand we don’t have a record of him writing things down (he used Holy Spirit inspired men to do that) Given the brevity and urgency of His Earthly ministry He made the most of His bodily presence. So if He didn’t make use of ink and parchment then why would he use bandwidth now.

    Pete, I totally agree that we need to get away from noise to fellowship with God (by that I mean the reading of His Word) and that Jesus gave us the perfect example of that . However in Matthew 6 he specifically told us how to pray and it is contrary to what many are being taught today in the Church. If you look behind some of the Men and Women who are the most popular Christian writers and speakers today you will find an influence of eastern philosophies (the mystics, the new age, Buddhist and Hindu).


  9. Jud said,

    Laura, We have to be really careful in understanding how God communicates to Man. If He can communicate “in any way, shape or form” then I think we would have to accept the account of Joseph Smith (Mormanism) not to mention any other World Religion. He communicates through His Word, we communicate through prayer and praise.

    I’m not in anyway saying God is bound to communicate by certain means, I’m just saying that He is consistent and He is clear in His Word as to these conditions.

    Jarrod- You have GREAT blog topics!

  10. juliepersinger said,

    Jud: I’m certainly no expert and have not researched this, but it’s always been my understanding that at the time of Christ, written tradition and options were extremely limited. Yes, Jesus used person to person contact. However, it’s not like he could do a radio presentation! His options of how to reach people were extremely limited at that time. It’s not like everyone had a stack of scrolls and ink at their disposal – I’ve always thought written communication at that point in history was reserved for scribes. Again, I haven’t studied this – just my thoughts.

  11. Jud said,

    Julie, I hear what you are saying. We don’t have much on Jesus’ childhood other than the fact that He moved in and around the local Temple and that He astounded the Rabbinical leaders. This is the group that would have been literate and had access to “pen and paper”. I guess if He would have “blogged” it would have been then.

    I guess what I’m led back to is that Jesus came in Human form and was everything human, aside from Sin of course. However, that is not the Jesus we worship, and, I have to be careful here, The Jesus we Worship died, was buried, was raised from the dead and is now GLORIFIED sitting at his Father’s right hand. I think the Church as a whole has lost sight of these facts. We still want to Worship the Jesus who was Human like us… a Jesus who is interested in “our stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, HE is the same yesterday today and forever but we tend to highlight His Humanness and forget His complete HOLINESS. It is evident in our daily lives (speaking for myself) and it is evident even when we gather on Sunday Mornings.

  12. cortni said,

    I was under the impression that we worship every part of Jesus, at least I do. There are moments in my life where his LIFE on earth impacts me so profoundly that it would be nothing less than arrogant for me not to worship His life. Why is it important to seperate Jesus Divine from His human form? Was he not divine in both. Is he not human in both? I think the very fact that He was willing to bring himself down to our level by living a life full of terror just to communicate His love to us proves that He is a God, the God that will go to every measure to find us where we are, to communicate with us in any way necessary. Should He have to? No. But thats the amazing thing.

    Well thats my tangent for the day. Great discussion. Jarrod, I learn so much from your blog and the discussions on it. It always makes me think.

  13. cortni said,

    Side note….I am no Biblical scholar and stuggle with my spiritual walk on a daily basis, so I could be way out in left field on this one. Just my thoughts, flawed as they might be.

  14. Jud said,

    No Cortni, you are correct we Worship ALL of Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Sorry I did not make that clear enough. There is a balance. I’m not a Biblical Scholar either to any extent. God does communicate to us, by the Holy Spirit, through His Word though. Of course we can look back in the Old Testament and see God communicating through the Prophets, We can look in the New Testament and see Him communicating in the Flesh but the his Word is clear that he communicates to us now by the Holy Spirit and through the Bible. Much of the confusion in the Church today is because we have gotten away from the Truth of God’s Word. We seek Unity and find less and less of it as we have grown more and more tolerant of who and what is of God (not testing them by the Word) Unity without Truth is not unity at all.

  15. Laura said,

    @Jud…actually God communicated with me last Friday. It was not while I was reading my Bible. I saw the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. He communicated to me in that moment, that he was there. I have struggled a lot with doubt lately and he met me where I was in that second. I felt his presence clearly. We had a moment of communication together with no words said and no words read….for me that moment was not only communication, it was also worship.

  16. cortni said,

    @Laura those are my favorite moments whether it is through His Word or through his creation. Those moments when we are stuggling or celebrating and God just lets you know that he is right there with you. I sometimes catch myself just laughing in the awe of his presence like just when I thought He was nowhere near He does the perfect thing to allow me to realize that I am not alone. I am glad he sent you a rainbow.

  17. Jud said,

    I need to establish that my comments above are not personal, I apologize if I did offend you Jarrod, Laura, Cortni, Julie or Pete. I’m just trying to give my answer from a Biblical Worldview as best I know how, by the Grace of God.

    Ok, Laura, I see what you are getting at. Actually seeing a rainbow in the sky is a true reflection of God’s promise to symbolically remind us of a promise that there will never be a global flood. I get that.

    However there is a dividing line between the subjective (our experience) and the objective (God’s Word). I’m going to give you an example albeit somewhat extreme. My college room-mate was (still is) very charismatic in his expression of Faith. He follows an evangelist in South America who stands on the fundamentals of the Gospel but has claimed, among other things, to raise people from the dead, that he can travel from continent to continent without the aid of any transportation (or walking , running, swimming), that he has a truck that can drive completely underwater like a submarine, that he can command limbs to grow on para and quadraplegics and that Jesus talks to his dog and horse. By that last one I’m going to assume that he talks to his dog and horse as well. All of these things have never been witnessed by anyone other than his son and they all happen in the jungles of Central America and Southern Mexico well out of the plain sight of modern media.

    Now, I know that is an extreme example… a CRAZY example. However they fall under the same category, being subjective, that experiencing God in a sunset or in ripples on a pond. The problem is that my room mate believes this stuff beyond the shadow of a doubt. There are lots of people telling similar “fish stories” as I call them all over the World. Most of these like minded evangelists spend much more time telling “fish stories” than they do preaching the Gospel.

    When personal experiences equal or even trump God’s inspired Word we find ourselves on more than a slippery slope. I’m in no way suggesting that anyone here is in that field of play. I am an outdoors FREAK and live in a sort of outdoor paradise where desert canyons meet the high plains (Think African Serangeti only North America)and the Rockies are a 3 or 4 hour drive away. I love to wander and wonder through God’s creation as much as anybody. But people of every other religious stripe are thinking the same thing. It is the Living inspired Word of God that is where we find God.

  18. cortni said,

    @Jud, I am not offended at all. In fact, I think this is a great discussion and I think I see what you are saying. Sometimes we get consumed in having and creating these “moments” with God that we don’t seek to know him and his teachings by studying his word. We have to have a balance because most of us have experience “spiritual highs”, and we know that those moments of extreme emotion don’t last. If they are all we have then when they are over so also is our relationship with Christ. We must be willing to do some work ourselves and seek out Christ through all the tools he has given us, prayer, the bible, fellowship, solitude, ect.

  19. OCD-ism/Obsessive Christian Disorder said,

    Well…. good convo’s here….. let me just blog and move on…

    No, I don’t think Jesus would have blogged….He’s JESUS!! I don’t know what He would do to communicate (and dare I even try to imagine?) but blogging????? No.


    (Just My Opinion)

  20. Jared Woodard said,

    Ok, 2 sides to the post.

    If Jesus were alive in the HUMAN form,then yes,i think he would blog.Would i read it?Probably not. I think i’d be spending all my time following him,and asking him pretty much every question I could think of (Fighting the crowds of course).

    If it’s in a spiritual sense,id say yes to.Hes jesus.All he has to do it think it,and bam,its blogged, more elequently then anyone human could word it. Somthing tells me he has better things to do though.

  21. David Grisham said,

    Jesus does blog, he just has us do the typing.

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