Hard Core Church Singers

July 6, 2008 at 11:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

At our 6pm service we had about 100 ex cons in attendance.

I know that sounds weird, but it was awesome. These guys were teaching me new ways of expressing myself in worship.

These guys didn’t know any of the songs, but that didn’t stop them from singing their hearts out.

One guy sat on the front row and danced all through the music. I don’t mean the “white sway” that you sometimes see in church. This guy was going to town and didn’t care who saw him.

He was worshiping.

He was excited about God.

It’s amazing to see the full body of Christ(the church) in worship.



  1. brandiandboys said,

    glad they attended Cross Point tonight, that is really exciting.

  2. Giant Idiot said,

    Jarrod that dude was really getting after it. I had smiled a couple of times watching him not because I thought he was crazy but his excitement for the worship was so great. I expected Tom to start breaking it down as well. Great job tonight, the worship rocked it out and it was great to be around those guys from Lighthouse.

  3. Pete Wilson said,

    Very cool. I love seeing people feel free to worship God in their own style at CP.

  4. Stacy said,

    I wish I had been there to see that!!

  5. Jessica said,

    Im sad I missed it ;(

  6. Rachel said,

    That was pretty awesome… not gonna lie.

  7. Christina Schmidt said,

    I noticed him too…they were all really into the service, a lot of them had their bibles out and seemed to enjoy it!!!!

  8. krista said,

    he was the best part of my night. i couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm, not to mention his killer moves.

  9. Dave Carrol said,

    Sometimes i find myself air guitaring left handed like I’m Springsteen in worship.

    thats how i know i’m really into it!


    Go hard!

  10. ally said,

    I love seeing people worship in different ways. I went to the end of the week performance/celebration/show at Barefoot Republic Camp today and saw some amazing dancing, singing, STOMPING, rapping, etc. in honor of the Lord. It makes me want to branch out too.

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