Make-up and my son

July 8, 2008 at 9:11 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

This is what happens when Micah watches his mom put on mascara.



  1. Christina Schmidt said,

    Is it normal for little boys to want to wear their mother’s make-up??? I know I did as a little girl, but a boy??? He’s cute though, minus the mascara!

  2. brandiandboys said,

    poor guy is lucky he didn’t put his eye out! he got awful close!

  3. loridknerr said,

    HA! I was going to say the exact same thing as Brandi. That used to be one of my mom’s favorite things to say – “put that (insert whatever she didn’t want me to have) down, you’ll put an eye out”!! LOL

    Micah is so precious – love him!!

  4. Laura said,

    Yes, it is truly amazing what can happen in 30 seconds. I was actually putting on eyeliner and so you can see why he would think I was writing on my face…he likes to act like he is putting on makeup…should we be scarred??? Sunday night Brewer was wearing Brandi’s high heels though…and quite well I might add! Maybe it is something about ministers’ sons!?!?

  5. Tina Mitchell said,

    Izzy said her man can’t start wearing make-up before her!! TOO CUTE!

  6. krista said,

    aww!! maybe mini-jarrod has a future on stage…music or theatre, they all wear guyliner đŸ˜‰

  7. waswrittenin said,

    haha… that’s awesome…

  8. cortni said,

    I just love that boy even if he is covered in makeup. He is just the cutest thing!

  9. Jessica said,

    Every Boy needs to be Queen for a day! HA HA

    Dude what happened to Fridays in ACT’s??? Im missen my Bible with jarrod time!

  10. Alan Binkley said,

    Heh. It’s normal. yes, scary, but normal. I have photos of my brother dressed up by my female cousins. It’s awesome!

    That boy kills me.

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