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July 25, 2008 at 1:28 am (Uncategorized) (, )

This was a comment on a recent Los blog. The blog was called “I Hate When My Worship Leader…” and everyone chimed in on the things they dislike about their worship leader. This guys comment floored me.

I hate it when my worship leader…
-has to remind Christians that corporate worship is a mandate from God.

-has to risk being a cheerleader because the people that claim to love God exhibit no sense of joy when singing about Him.

-has to burn the first song because 75% of the congregation is late, talking in the lobby, perfecting their coffee, or sleep walking instead of enthusiastically taking advantage of celebrating our Savior with like-hearted people.

-has to endure darts of personal preference from hundreds of individuals who have lost sight of what Sunday worship time is prescribed by God to be.

-is treated as a thoughtless hire rather than a divinely appointed servant.

-is expected to never get nervous but be humble,
execute notes and lyrics without flaw while avoiding performance and being vulnerable,
make no effort to teach or guide but don’t be a juke box, and stay traditional and contemporary,
all while burying, birthing and resurrecting songs appropriately.

I’m sure that’s easy to do!

Wow! That’s hard-core.



  1. los said,

    Yea. My favorite comment of the thread by far.

  2. Jenni Catron said,

    Yeah, ouch!

  3. cortni said,

    Jarrod, I love when my worship leader allows me to come as I am and worship in the place that I am at. I love when my worship leader demonstrates his “humaness” but at the same time demonstrates his effort to be more like Christ! You do a great job and are a invaluable minister at our church.

  4. Jad said,

    Dude, I don’t know what to say. Jaw left wide open.

  5. Laura said,

    You are the best worship leader I have ever seen. You amaze me every week. I think you are awesome and then the next week you are even better. My significant other would love to sing along with you, but he can not stand to hear himself sing. Kind of a problem for him. This probably not the type of comment you were looking for, but I want you to know that everyone I know at Cross Point loves you and thinks you ROCK!!
    I personally think you are awesome!!

  6. ally said,

    Well, I love it when we worship at Cross Point like we did tonight. My hour at church each week is almost always a meaningful time of worship, and tonight the presence of God seemed especially powerful. The extra songs, the communion, the prayers and pauses, and just the opportunity to worship as a corporate body was great. Thanks for your hard work Jarrod.

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