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I’m having one of those weeks where nothing is going my way. I’ve tried everything I can to control my circumstances, but I’m slowly and painfully loosing the battle.

Is this where faith comes into the picture? Is this where I trust that God will save the day? Is that God’s job?

Give me your thoughts.



  1. Joe Gomez said,

    I’ve been facing this alot lately… Psalm 127:1-2 really helped remind me of the necessity of surrendering “my way” or my control to join in building the house that the Lord is.

  2. juliepersinger said,

    Yes, it’s absolutely where faith comes into the picture. And when it happens to me, I’m usually kicking and screaming about it, at least internally. But yes, this is when you ask yourself, “How much do I trust Him? With everything? or only with some things?”

    I can assure you without a doubt that He is good ALL the time – even when nothing is going your way and nothing looks the way you want it to and even when you don’t see a way out. I’ll be praying that God gives you peace while you wait for whatever is coming next.

  3. cortni said,

    I have no answer (I’m not that wise), but I will pray that your weekend is much better than your week.

  4. Jared Woodard said,

    Im with my wife on this one.I’ll pray for ya bro.

  5. waswrittenin said,

    I’ll be praying for you, man. I totally get it, though… it’s super frustrating. Who knows what you can’t see, though? You know? God could be working through some things that will actually end up being more of a blessing than you could even imagine. Keep your chin up!

  6. Andrea Carroll said,

    I’m with Julie on this one (fiddlers unite!). Just persevere in your faith in God. With the risk of sounding super cliche, He really does work in mysterious ways. You never know how things will turn out. On the bright side, He gave me the patience to spare you from multiple paper cuts yesterday when stuffing envelopes for the mass mailer! See, He’s already doing great things!

  7. Julie Taylor said,

    I think sometimes we show our faith just by persevering and not giving up. Actually – I shouldn’t take credit for that thought – didn’t Pete preach on that? It just might be extra bad to steal a pastor’s thought and claim it as your own….

    Hooray for the weekend! I’m with everyone else – I’ll pray that its great!

  8. bradruggles said,

    Have you tried singing “This is the day” over and over? 😉

  9. Miranda said,

    Try Philippians 4:6-7. It is what I try to repeat in my head when I feel that way.

  10. krista said,

    YES!!!! miranda took the verse i was going to tell you…philippians 4:6-7. it’s what i use ALL the time to remember that it’s all out of my hands, it’s not my job to be in control, and that He knows how to do His job better than me. it’ll get better, jrod, it always does 🙂

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