Weird Tradition

August 28, 2008 at 2:47 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I have a confession to make.

I eat food in even bites. I’ve done it all my life. I don’t know why, but I can’t eat an odd number of bites. Steaks, M & Ms, sandwich’s, chicken nuggets, it’s all the same. I count each bite until my food is gone to ensure that it goes down in an even number.

There I feel better.

Do any of you have any weird traditions?



  1. Jared Woodard said,

    On long trips I check the clock CONSTANTLY. Not just alot,but at least once every 20 seconds. I don’t do it driving around town though,and don’t know why!?

  2. Stacy said,

    I eat m&m’s in even numbers. Either 2 at a time or four at a time.

  3. juliepersinger said,

    I prefer to have a few bites of food on one side of my mouth, then a few on the other side – alternating. However, I have a broken molar on the left side, so until that gets dealt with, I’m chewing on the right side and it really bugs me that it’s not even anymore.

  4. Jad said,

    Weird eating tradition – I always match up fries in equal sizes prior to dipping in ketchup and eating. Toward the end of the fries, it becomes increasingly difficult to find matching sizes, especially the crispy runts.

  5. dana Johnson said,

    How do you count all the bites when you’re eating with people? Now that’s talent! At the moment I can’t think of anything to confess, but I’m sure Ken could tell you! I know I have lots of weird habits.

  6. OCD-ism/Obsessive Christian Disorder said,

    REALLY???? Need you ask ME that question????? YOU are just like ME…. OCD bro…

  7. Matthew Daniel said,

    I eat in order of my least favorite food on my plate to my favorite, always saving my absolute best bite for last – if my last bite is bad, my whole meal is ruined…


  8. Jenni Catron said,

    Now, that’s crazy Jarrod!

  9. Laura said,

    Really honey? I did not know that about you. When I am walking on stone walkways, I try to stay on the stone with every step and not let my foot touch in between the stones. That was really hard in Germany where there is a lot of cobblestone.

  10. Whitney said,

    I eat one thing at a time, from least favorite to my favorite, and rotate my plate around as I eat that item.

  11. Melissa said,

    I tend to eat candy two at a time too (skittles, m&ms, smarties, etc.). I guess the strangest thing is the way I eat goldfish crackers. I will put two in my mouth and then I will break them in half with my back teeth, so I have two equally sized peices. Then I will do the same with the other one in my mouth before I chew them both. Yes, I am weird.

  12. callmelinds said,

    if i get a cookie wrapped in saran wrap, i have to unfold all the creases in the saran wrap before i eat the cookie. i blame on the OCD 🙂

  13. brandiandboys said,

    that’s a lot of hard work with each meal, jarrod… goodness gracious!

    i decided whether or not i like a food based on texture, not taste. i only think about taste after i know whether or not i like the texture.

  14. loridknerr said,

    That’s hilarious – I don’t know how you do that!! I guess I’m too blonde to keep up with it!

    I time myself somtimes and then try to beat my best time, i.e. driving to work, walking two miles, taking a shower, etc. Pretty funny, huh?!

  15. annie said,

    I don’t eat the ends of hot dogs. Stopped at the ripe old age of 4. When I went to the local fair in town, I would make a friend take the first bite of my corndog because I knew what was lurking beneath that crispy layer of breading. Oh, and seeing a whole crock pot full of lil’ smokies almost sends me over the edge! All those ends… Can’t do ends of pickles, either. At least the end where the cucumber was attached to the vine. Nope. No ends for me.

  16. krista said,

    j-rod, i think they call that OCD…which brings me to my “tradition.” i have to repeatedly check things to make sure they are either in the off position [ie ovens, light switches, etc.] or locked [car doors, house doors], and usually i do this in threes.

  17. Pete Wilson said,

    I count to five in between light posts along the road.

  18. Jessica said,

    Oh man Dont even get me started!
    1) I cant step on Cracks in the side walks… Like that stupid saying when we were kids!
    2) EATING~ If you get a handful of Candy and there is many dif. colors I eat the odd numbers of colors down until there is an even number of colors vs numbers of each color. Example: Started with 4 Brown 3 Blue 2 Red 3 yellow… I would eat everyother color down to match the 2 red and then start in 4s… Man I need help!

  19. Miranda said,

    My list is way too long.

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