Like Father, Like Son

September 2, 2008 at 10:33 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

The boy can eat!

Peanut butter is Micah’s favorite food.

What’s your favorite food?



  1. Jared Woodard said,

    That boy is like you in more ways than you know!

    Id have to say my favorite food is….Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Cracker Barrell Brand)

  2. Melissa said,

    Pizza. I can eat pizza any day of the week.

    I can’t believe you are sharing your peanut butter.

  3. Alan Binkley said,

    Raspberry filled glazed donuts from Crispy Creme. Dude. I inhale them, no lie.

  4. Pete Wilson said,

    He is so cute! I’m going to go with pizza!

  5. krista said,

    awww the mini-jarrod loves peanut butter!!! too cute. does he like to pair it with chocolate yet??

    favorite food, favorite food…i love mac and cheese!!! and homemade mashed potatoes, skinned, boiled, and smashed to starchy perfection.

  6. Andy Depuy said,

    Im like your son I love peanut butter a smart young man

  7. Laura said,

    Spaetzle! It is a German dish and it is AMAZING!
    Micah is almost 2 years old…you would think he would start looking/acting a bit more like his mommy…it is not fair.

  8. Jody said,

    Crab legs/lobster dipped in butter.

  9. dana Johnson said,

    I’d have to go with pizza or spaghetti too. Always loved both, always will!

  10. Andrea Carroll said,

    My favorite food is anything church feeds us. Its always super good tasting stuff that I can never have in my house like pizza, pasta, oatmeal cream pies, etc…yum!

  11. Miranda said,

    Chicken marsala from Carabba’s! Dang that stuff is good.

    AND homemade tortillas that you get for free at the Mexican food restaurants in my part of the country, TEXAS!

  12. 5th Street said,

    Right out of the Jar!!! Classic

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