Worshiping from the Stage

September 14, 2008 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

For the last two Sunday nights I’ve been able to sit in the congregation at church and worship from the floor instead of the stage. It’s wonderful! You can actually feel the crowd worshiping and praising. I think that it feels better worshiping in the crowd rather than in front of it. It’s a lot less pressure and it’s easier to focus on God.

How do you feel worshiping in the crowd?



  1. Jessica said,

    When everyone joins in, it is the coolest experience ever! When you can feel people not getting into it, it becomes very distracting! I love worship, it sets the tone for my week!

  2. Laura said,

    @jessica…I feel the same way…when people do not get into it, it is hard for me to let go as well…when we all join in though, as one body of Christ here on earth ,it is breath taking.

  3. dana Johnson said,

    I feel it more at Cross Point than any other church I’ve been to. It is always moving and I feel His Spirit there.

  4. Anita said,

    It takes practice to forget the people around me. I’m out of practice. So I worship openly and then have a miniature panic attack when I realize I may be a bit more charismatic than those in my elbow space and they don’t know me–at all. So those old Southern Baptist thoughts of not distracting anybody creep into my brain. Not that I’m distracting when I worship. I don’t spin or anything like that…

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