Christ Remix?

December 23, 2008 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

A friend of mine sent me this video. At first, I laughed it off as just another weird thing that Christians do. But, after giving it a chance, I realized that his lyrics are good.
So my question is, is this Christ-honoring?



  1. Matthew Daniel said,

    Okay, so the truth is, I hate cheesy Christian remixes – but – I’m pretty impressed with this one.

    Still traveling right now, but looking forward to grabbing coffee with you sometime in January!


  2. juliepersinger said,

    Well seeing as how I’ve never heard Umbrella the whole way through (because apparently I live in a cave with no technology), I have no problem with this. The lyrics are more Christ-honoring than some of the generic CCM stuff that makes it on the radio. Yeah, some people think it’s lame to take a popular song like that and change the lyrics to “Christian” ones, but they don’t realize that’s how a lot of hymns began.

    The actual music of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” was a raucous bar song of the day and it became an anthem of our faith. I think we get too hung up on whether something is “original.” Just because something is original doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s good.

  3. Bernard Shuford said,

    I like this. I think I hate the original song, though, because pop radio has played it 10 billion times per day.

    This guy can sing.

  4. Derek Murphy said,

    AS much as I was loving his lyrics to this “Umbrella” tune, I was actually inspired to learn more about this guy, so I did my research. I watched him throughout this season on John Rich’s – “The Nashville Star”. He was OK, but entertaining.

    After following his website, My Space page, and blog, Coffey is very verbal in expressing his faith in God. To read about this guy and to learn that he had never picked up a guitar before 2002, here he is making an impact and surrendering to The Great Commission. I give this guy two thumbs up for the use of his found talent. Frankly, I liked the song too.


  5. tylerjewell said,

    ahhh so he IS the guy from nashville star! HA

  6. krista said,

    i’m surprised and impressed. that was actually good 🙂

  7. josiahpotter said,

    It’s disappointing that people still discredit any sort of creativity that’s not “Christian” as dishonorable.

    To create is to mimic a creator,

    This guy should pick up “The Fine Line” by Kary Oberbrunner…he’s got some stellar things to think about when it comes to the whole “Secular vs. Christian” debate.

  8. josiahpotter said,

    ps….great post Jarrod!

  9. Sara said,

    I think that was amazing. He’s incredibly talented, and I don’t think it’s any less Christ-honoring just because it’s used the melody of a worldly song. It’s WHAT we’re singing, not HOW we’re singing it that matters (although I don’t think that applies to “Christian” screamer music). I think it’s super relevant to this generation, without compromising the fundamental truth of Christ and His Word, which is what we need to reverse this tide of anti-Churchness.
    Love this guy and think his talent’s incredible.

  10. Joseph said,

    Great post…I am going with Christ Honoring….I am usually not a fan of re-writing lyrics but in this case it was done well…

  11. Sally said,

    LOVE this never…never heard of Umbrella…LOVE this guy.

  12. Phil Chalos said,

    I say yes…Ellen? Randy?…yo yo dawg…I liked it.

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