About Me

My name is Jarrod and I love my life. I have a beautiful wife named Laura and rock star of a son named Micah. We’ve lived in Nashville, TN since 2005. We go to a wonderful church called Cross Point Community Church. We have great friends. God has truly blessed us.

I feel like God is constantly working in my life. I’m writing this blog as an outlet to see His fingerprints in my life.



  1. chantigadu143 said,

    Hi Mr. Jarrod this is anil from India I would like to Have a friends Like you Catch me earlyer c u byeeeeee………………………….

  2. adam herod said,

    Jarrod…not sure if you remember me or not, but I met you in July of this year. I had a meeting with Pete and was in town to sing at a conference. Anyway, I’m fixing to make a move and was thinking of all the people the Lord has connected me to and realized that I hadn’t tried to connect with you since our initial meeting. Any chance you’d want to chat after the new year about what you guys are doing there, the things happening in your world etc? Feel free to hit me at my email if you’d like. Thanks bro…adam

  3. Sherry Shoup said,

    My husband and I just visited CrossPoint this weekend in an attempt to find a home church in Nashville. I’ve always believed in God, but just recently was saved and practice Christianity everyday of my life. It has made me a totally different person, I am so blessed. I can’t believe it took 36 years to learn what God has done for us! We have found peace through the Lord and he helps us when we’re apart. Our current living situation- is a little difficult. We remarried in Mar 07. I have a son who is married and living with us in Nashville with his new wife. We pray for their salvation and hope they will join us in our attendance at CrossPoint. I live most of my days/weeks in Chester (near Richmond) VA. My daughter is almost 13 and needs her mom here, as she’s also very close with her dad. So, my husband and I see each other every other weekend. I struggled for so long but learned through the Lord that I’m not alone here in Richmond when my husband isn’t with me. The Lord is right beside me. (I’ve never been comfortable being alone.) This was a blessing to me as it’s saved me and saved my marriage. Long story short, we LOVED the church and your singing and the wonderful band, had tears rolling down my face. And, the wonderful lady who song the last song, was awesome! We all looked at each other (my husband and his daughters 11/12 years old) and thought, that sounds like Carrie Underwood. God has blessed you both with awesome voices and we can’t wait to hear you’ll sing again! My husband is bringing a friend from work this weekend…. God Bless the wonderful songs you sing and I wonder, do you’ll have a CD? We’d love to get one.

    Thanks and God Bless!
    The Shoup Family

  4. Bryan said,

    My wife and I visited this weekend. We really enjoyed the service and music! Why left handed swimmers?

  5. michael west said,

    Thank you Jared for making what I once called rocknroll church, Cross Point Church. I love what you do and the part you play sounds better all the time.

  6. michael west said,

    Oh and I spelled your name wrong sorry Jarrod

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