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Is luck biblical? If I believe in luck, does it contradict faith?
I really don’t have a clue.

My band for worship today was great in rehearsal and awesome during the first service. And then my bass player made a statement that would kill the rest of the day. He said, “Man, we’re doing great. We’re going to rock the second service!”

This is what you call a jinx.
This is setting your self up for failure. Any time you say “it’s going to be great,” it all falls apart.

And sure enough it did. We couldn’t get anything right in the second service.

And in the third service, my guitar crapped out.

This is what I call unlucky.

Do you believe in luck?



  1. Jessica said,

    If it makes you feel any better you are amazing at getting us so into worship we dont even notice when something goes wrong. I was having a hard day getting into worship yesterday (11am) just cause my mind was full of other things, (This is not something I usually strugle with) But I will tell you that worship was stilll just as good as always!

    Didnt make it to 6 so I can’t make fun of you for that one 🙂 Just Kidding

  2. brandiandboys said,

    yesterday was an off day?? i was in the second service and sure couldn’t tell. don’t know how i feel about luck, don’t usually use the term because people have such mixed feelings on it. i’m interested to see what others have to say.

  3. patrowland said,

    Couldn’t tell it was an off day bro! You guys did a great job as usual. However, I was a little nerveous in the third service when I started to pray and you guys weren’t coming out.

  4. Carey said,

    your wife and I had a conversation about this exact same thing last week and as much as I don’t want to believe in luck or in jinxes, I was kind of brought up to think that if you said one thing, it was likely the opposite would happen. And often we would say “knock on wood” like knocking on a former tree or plastic that resembled wood would actually change our fate. If I find myself thinking about how good things are going, I normally catch myself hoping and praying that that wouldn’t change just because I realized it. It’s crazy and it doesn’t make much sense, but I see where you are coming from. With it coming from me, I’m not sure if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

  5. juliepersinger said,

    OK, now that you brought it up, Greg and I did do a double-take and look at each other funny a few times during the 11:00 service!

    Just don’t let Matt re-check the click track. No one wants a repeat of that horrible Easter moment.

  6. krista said,

    i may say “good luck,” but i don’t believe in luck, and i’m never again going to tell you guys you sounded good for fear of jinxing you!

    ps: y’all sounded fine in the 11!!

  7. DEb said,

    No such thing as “luck”…. God has everything under control…..24/7.

    And your music ALWAYS sounds FABULOUS, Jarrod- we see you PRAISING God, not yourself, when you are up on that stage….along w/the rest of the crew!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! And just for the record, you’re my “American Idol”…. 🙂

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